Maclaren Prams: The perfect blend of style appeal and safety

Owen Maclaren was the aeronautical designer and test pilot who decided to create buggy style, easy to use and lightweight Maclaren prams for the kids. The first pram was made in the year 1967 and since then the company is offering prams. All the strollers manufactured by Maclaren are the descendants of that very pram. Maclaren has been offering the widest variety of prams and buggy style strollers for the ease and comfort of parents and kids. The year 2007 saw 9 different models of prams. In fact, all the prams and strollers come with some basic features like the detachable and washable seat, the 5 points harness system, the foot-operated  parking brake, the high performing aluminum frame, shopping basket and the water resistant hood.

Maclaren Prams

What are Maclaren baby prams actually?

A pram is actually a baby stroller having a reclining backrest. The small carriage having four wheels makes it extremely easy to stroll around the parks and gardens. A modern pram is exclusively meant for newborn, pushed by the parent. The baby will sleep comfortably on the padded seat while the parents draw the carriage. The mechanism is very much similar to the horse-drawn carriage. Most of the prams are designed using state-of-the-art shock absorber and suspension.

Why are prams so important?

Prams are important for a great many reasons. Since there is a bassinet, the baby stays covered and protected inside. You can face your baby while pushing. Hence, you always get to see your baby. Babies can enjoy a smooth ride here considering the superior designing. The child can lie flat and enjoy a good sleep. Pram is the portable bed which can allow you to spend time with your baby outdoors. You can buy the 2-in-1 prams where the baby can lie flat and you can use it in the later stage as stroller. Some of the prams are even hybrids where the classic pram and the jogger are put together. You can let the newborn sit upright with the seat belt.

The specialty of the Maclaren pram

The Maclaren Pram is the flagship buggy which is again lightweight and is made for babies of 3 months. The pram has the reclining seat and the standardized 5 point harness system. For storage of items under the seat, the pram features the basket. The presence of round hood again protects the baby from the harsh sun’s rays.

The superb comfort features and sporty design

Prams manufactured by Maclaren are very sporty and stylish. The sporty buggy like stroller has the same kind of functionality and mechanism like the buggy. To give a more classic look to the pram, there is retro style fabric pattern in it. Some of the prams also grow with your baby up to 55lbs. There is complete UV rays protection, adjustable arm and leg rest.

Maclaren prams are perfect for those who want comfort and style. The popular stroller brand Maclaren sells prams at pricier rates but they all are durable and fully featured.

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